Catch-Up Game


What Is It?

The Catch-Up game is a lot of fun to play head-to-head with a friend but it can also be played with up to four people as an elimination game. This is a great game to end a team practice with or simply introducing juniors to the practice green.

Warning: Be sure to do this when no one is around or make an effort to be quiet as this game tends to bring out the emotion!

Who Should Do It?

  • Teams/Friends finishing a practice session.
  • Juniors/Children being introduced to the game.

How Do You Do It?

  • Choose the length of putt that you want to practice. Three to six feet is usually best.
  • Set up 4 tees: one on each side of the hole.
  • You and your opponent will start on opposite sides and will putt one person after the other. You must alternate every time and you may not hit before your opponent has had his or her turn.
  • Once you make your putt, you may move on to the next tee. If you miss your putt, you must stay at the same tee for your next turn to putt.
  • The game is won once you have caught your opponent by reaching the same tee they are currently at.

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