Consistent Tempo Drill


What Is The Consistent Tempo Drill?

Many golfers struggle with tempo. Common problems include taking the putter back too short and accelerating through too quickly or taking the putter back too far and decelerating through the putt. This is cause for a lot of inconsistency in the distance of your putts.

The Consistent Tempo drill can correct both of these problems by showing you a consistent swing length. With an easy to reference swing length, you can simply measure your distance control.

Who Should Do It?

  • Do you get quick with short putts? Try this drill.
  • Are you inconsistent with lag putts?

How Do You Do It?

  • Place one tee in the ground in line with where the ball is either outside the toe or the heel end of your putter so that you will not hit it with your stroke. 
  • Place another tee about 8 inches behind the first and another 8 inches in front. This will be where your stroke ends on both sides.
  • Hit putts with a consistent tempo, being careful to not swing the putter outside the length of the tees. You need not putt to a hole, however if you are doing this consistently, your putts should end up at about the same distance each time.

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