Putt With Your Eyes Closed Drill


What Is The Putting With Your Eyes Closed Drill?

Putting with your eyes closed is a great way to work on the feel of your stroke. Ideally, your putting stroke should be consistent enough to repeat it without looking.

In addition, removing the ball will remove tension from the stroke. This will allow your natural feel and tempo to come out. Practicing with your eyes closed is a great way to improve both path and tempo, including your natural feel.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone with swing path or tempo issues
  • Anyone who is unable to practice with a ball because the ball causes too much tension

How Do You Do It?

  • Hit putts inside of 5 feet. Set up to the ball with your eyes open and then close your eyes to hit the putt.
  • Don’t focus on the result, rather, focus on your tempo and feel.
  • If you notice your tempo or path(direction the putt starts on) is off, simply adjust your feel and try again. The goal is to become consistent with your feel vs your normal tension filled stroke with the ball.

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