Play the Course Drill


What Is It The Play The Course Drill?

The Play The Course Drill creates an on-course feel of needing to two putt or better while on the practice green. It is a great warmup or drill to test your game. Often on the putting green, we can become fixated on practicing in a block format and struggle to translate our putting skills to the course.

Be sure to “play the course” in practice by simulating what putting is like during an actual round.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone warming up for a round of golf
  • Anyone who needs to practice pressure putts
  • Someone looking to test their game after a practice session

How Do You Do It?

  • On the practice putting green, play 9 or 18 holes of “mini golf.”
  • Setup each first putt between 10 and 30 feet to give yourself a chance to make a few as well as challenge yourself to avoid 3 putts.
  • Aim to finish each hole in 2 putts or less.
  • Your goal should be to score 18 or better on 9 holes and 36 or better on 18.

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