Around the World


What Is Around The World Putting Game?

This is a fun game to play in order to put some pressure on your putting. Around The World is also a fantastic warmup for a round of golf.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone looking for a pre-round warmup.
  • A fun game for junior golfers.
  • Anyone looking for a fun twist to regular putting practice.

How Do You Do It?

  • Start at any distance within 10 ft.
  • Set 5 tees around the hole at that same distance.
  • Make your putt and move to the next stop around the hole. 
  • If you make it, keep moving to the following spot. If you miss you can take a chance and try again, however if you miss your second try, you must go all the way back to the beginning and start over.
  • Once one trip around the world is complete, go back the opposite way to complete the game. Remember, missing a second chance will start you at the beginning!

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