Drawbacks Drill


What Is The Drawbacks Drill?

The Drawbacks drill is used to improve your lag putting by punishing you for leaving your lag putt too far from the hole. This drill will put pressure on your lag putting game by forcing you to get a putt as close to the hole as possible, but it will also test your short putting game by forcing you to make those putts to save par.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone looking to improve their lag putts
  • Anyone preparing for a tournament or warming up for a regular round of golf
  • Those looking to test their game at the end of practice

How Do You Do It?

  • Hit your first putt from a random spot of your choosing. 
  • The ball is in the “safe zone” if it comes to rest within 18 inches of the hole. 
  • If your putt does not come within 18 inches of the hole, you must pull the ball back from that spot one putter length and try to make it from there. 
  • Repeat until you finish the hole. 
  • You will be playing 9 holes of various lengths and difficulties. 

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