Putting Arc Drill


What is the Putting Arc Drill?

The Putting Arc is a popular training aid among many golfers including tour professionals that helps to guide the putter along the perfect path by mimicking a natural putting movement that can be repeated until consistent.

This drill uses the putting arc to create a repetitive stroke through muscle memory and proper path. It’s amazing how many putts are made while using it.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone who misses short putts
  • Anyone who wants to improve their path

How Do You Do It?

  • Hit 5 putts with your putter sliding against the Putting Arc to perfect your path
  • Remove the Putting Arc and repeat the path with 5 putts
  • Repeat this process until your path is repeatable without the Putting Arc. It is best to use the Putting Arc at least once every few weeks to ensure you stay on path.
  • Find a Putting Arc here

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