Two-Ball Drill


What Is The Two Ball Drill?

The Two-Ball Drill is great for those of you who struggle to hit a straight putt. What does that mean? Well, remember that time you had an easy 3 footer with no break and missed it to the right? That was most likely due to path or blocking the putt out to the right.

Most amateur putters struggle to hit a straight putt. Try this drill to learn how to properly release the putter.

two ball drill

Who Should Do It?

If you feel like you are missing straight putts with no break.

If you miss putts to the right(or left if you are left handed).

How Do You Do It?

  • A target is not needed for this drill, however you may putt to a hole if you would like. 
  • Set up two golf balls side by side, touching each other, and against the face of your putter.
  • Practice hitting both of the balls at the same time. Both golf balls should roll straight on line. If the putter is released correctly, the outside ball or the one near the toe of your putter should roll in front of the other.
  • If the ball closest to the heal goes farther, you are blocking the putt and leaving the toe open.

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