Mirror Drill


What is the Mirror Drill?

The Mirror Drill uses a putting mirror to improve your setup. The putting mirror is designed to assist many areas of your setup. This is our favorite training aid as it helps with setup as well as path. Any drill that allows you to improve two areas as once is always a hit with us.

A putting mirror allows you to check the following:

  • Are your eyes position correctly over/behind the ball
  • Are your shoulders square
  • Is your putter face square
  • Using tees, is your path on a proper arc(or straight back/straight through)
  • Using tees, are you starting the ball on a straight line

You can see the benefits are enormous.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone with struggles to setup to the ball correctly
  • Anyone who struggles to hit a straight putt
  • Anyone who misses short putts
  • Finally, everyone! This drill/training aid is used by the best every week to ensure proper setup and path.

How Do You Do It?

  • Start with a straight 5 foot putt.
  • Putt using a mirror such as the EyeLine putting alignment mirror..
  • Ensure your eyes are directly over the ball by using the mirror’s eyeline and ensure the line runs down your eyes in the mirror.
  • You can also check shoulder position and putter face easily using the mirror.
  • Make 5 putts in a row.
  • Add tees to form a gate and check that your path is correct. If hitting the gate tees, check which tees and add Path tees(see instructions) to prevent your backstroke from getting too inside/outside.
  • Make 5 putts in a row with tees.
  • Increase distance to progress.
  • A great alignment aid, you can find a putting mirror here.

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