The T Drill


What Is The T Drill?

The T-Drill ensures proper setup and ball position. This is important to your putting setup because the quality of the putt is directly affected by where in the curvature of your stroke that you make contact with the golf ball. The correct ball position in putting is slightly forward of the middle of your stance

T-Drill for putting

Who Should Use It?

If you have alignment issues.

Good fundamental drill to ensure you are properly aligned(tour players, college players, high school players getting back into season).

How Do You Do It?

  • Set up one alignment stick parallel to the correct stance. 
  • Set up another alignment stick perpendicular to your stance line, about one golf ball forward of the middle of your stance. This will be your ball position. 
  • Set up the golf ball in line with that alignment stick and hit putts keeping your feet a consistent distance apart to become accustomed to a correct ball position.

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