Clock Drill


What Is The Clock Drill?

This clock drill will have you putting around the hole from 3 distances and 4 locations in the shape of a clock. You will see all breaks a hole can provide and with 3 distances to putt from. This goal is similar to 3-6-9, but in this case you choose which location you putt from and remove the tee once you hole it out.

Clock Drill

Who Should Use It?

  • If you need help with your short putts.
  • If you struggle with hitting a straight putt.
  • If you are preparing for a tournament.

How Do You Do It?

  • Place 4 tees around the hole 3 feet away.
  • Place another set of 4 tees behind the first set, 5 feet away.
  • Place a third set of tees behind the second set, 7 feet away.
  • Choose a location to putt from and remove the tee once the putt is made.
  • Continue until all tees are removed making not which locations you struggle with. Is it short, long, putts the break left, putts that break right, straight putts, etc.
  • NOTE: If you are missing the same putt consistently…break off and work on that particular breaking putt(or straight putt) until you get it right. This drill is also great for identifying your weaknesses(downhill, uphill, fade putt, draw putt).

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