Gate Drill


What Is the Gate Drill?

The gate drill will help improve path on both short and long putts. It is simple to setup and will provide immediate feedback. This drill can be increased in difficulty by shortening the distance between the gate.

The gate drill is one of the best putting drills to practice. It is used by many professionals and high level amateurs to prevent path issues from creeping into their game. With immediate feedback, you know exactly if your path if off and to which direction. Spend 15 minutes each day for a week and you will see your putting path improve.

gate drill

Who Should Do It?

Practice this drill if you:

  • Miss short putts
  • Cannot consistently hit a straight putt

How Do You Do It?

  1. Place two tees outside of width of putter and putt ball through them
  2. Start easy by providing a half inch to inch gap between edges of putter and tees
  3. Place ball between the two tees, slightly behind the gate
  4. Putt the ball through the gate avoiding the tees with your putter
  5. Increase difficulty by moving the tees closer to the putter

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