Ladder of Tees Drill


What Is The Ladder Of Tees Drill?

The Ladder of Tees Drill is a variation of the ladder drill that focuses on distance control rather than hitting straight putts. Use this drill to dial in your distance control or warming up for a round.

ladder of tees drill

Who Should Do It?

Do this if you struggle with distance control.

Do this if you are warming up before a tournament/recreational round.

How Do You Do It?

Practice distance control with this variation of the ladder drill. It is good practice for tournament play as this drill will apply some pressure to your every day putting routine.

  • Build a 5-rung ladder out of tees. The tees may be 2 feet apart in width and 1 foot apart in length.
  • Set up another tee or any kind of marker about 5 feet from the first rung. This will be where you putt from.
  • Try to stop one golf ball in every rung of the ladder in order to complete this drill. It is best done once uphill and once downhill with minimal break left to right.

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