The Marathon Drill


What Is The Marathon Drill?

You can use this regime as a way to cover a wide range of putt lengths in a block practice format. The Marathon Drill can be used as a complete practice routine or a warmup for the tournament player.

Who Should Do It?

  • If you are looking for a complete putting practice routine.

How Do You Do It?

To perform “The Marathon,” hit the number of each length of putt as follows:

  • 50- 3 footers
  • 40- 4 footers
  • 25- 5 footers
  • 15- 8 footers
  • 10- 10 footers
  • 5- 15 footers
  • 2- 20 footers
  • It is not a bad idea to keep track of how many you make for each length. Write the number down and try to beat your score each time you perform this drill.

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