Coin on Putter Drill


What is the Coin on Putter Drill?

To improve tempo, you can place a coin on the back of your putter to ensure a smooth transition from backswing to fore swing. Your tempo must be smooth and consistent to keep the coin from falling off.

This is a great drill if you are quick through transition from backswing to fore swing.

Who Should Do It?

  • Anyone who is “quick” through transition
  • Anyone who has distance control issues

How Do You Do It?

  • Start with a 5 foot putt.
  • Place a coin on the back of your putter.
  • Make a smooth putting stroke that prevents the coin from slipping off the back of the putter.
  • Make 5 strokes with the coin on the putter and no ball.
  • Add a ball on the 6th stroke.
    • If it falls off, start over.
    • If your putting distance is too short, lengthen your stroke, but keep your tempo consistent.
    • If your putt is good and the coin remains, try to make 4 more good strokes.
    • Add distance to progress the drill.
  • Combine this with the gate drill to work on both Path and Tempo.

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